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The New Zionist Captivity

By Adrian Krieg
© 2004 A. H. Krieg

2 Feb 2004

All other considerations aside, The New Zionist Captivity of America is now in full bloom. Any thought that our domestic or foreign policy is made in favor of or on behalf of America and Americans must be dreaming. The Diaspora (1), which was before the inquisition centered in Spain, moved to Amsterdam Holland at the height of the inquisition, and then to London, and from there to NYC. Jewish communities are ruled over by an amalgamation of Rabbinical (2) tyrants, and are called Kahal's (3) NYC is the Grand Kahal of the Diaspora of the world. Note that the grand Kahal is always located in the major trading power of the world. As Herzel (4) so aptly put it "we thrive on the terrible power of the purse". So much for Zionist nationalism and allegiance to the nation in which they reside, Zionists have allegiance only to the Jewish community. The Talmud is quite clear in allowing Jews to lie, cheat or steal from any non-Jewish entity. In fact dispensation is given for even the vilest acts perpetrated against any none Jew. Verification of this is readily available through an examination of major spies against America, a great preponderance of whom from Pollard to the Rosenberg's have all been Zionists. All this is confirmed in the writings of the Talmud, for any who are able to obtain a translation. Zionists believe that the first five books of the Bible the Torah to be simply a history of the Jewish peoples and outside of that of little religious or social import.

In the lengthy tortured process to take over American foreign policy the Zionists became the captors of the CFR (5) which they began to dominate during the FDR administration. Since that time all American foreign policy emanates from 68th St. in NYC and the CFR. If in fact you want to predict American policy all you need to do is to read Foreign Affairs (6) four times a year and you will become an accurate predictor of our foreign policy. It must be made clear that any organization can be run and managed while holding a minority stake in its overall membership. It is position within the organization that determines its leadership and direction. Just because Zionists do not represent the majority membership of the CFR, Trilateral Commission or the Bilderberger group, does not mean they do not control the venue. We know this from the fact that the majority of multi-national corporations are run by individuals who at best control eight to ten percent of the stock Furthermore for members of the military seeking rapid advancement, membership in the CFR is almost a necessity. Dwight Eisenhower, Alexander Hague, and numerous generals have rapidly risen from colonel to four star general through their membership and acquiescence to CFR dictums.

It has been obvious for generations that there is an overriding direction in international politics. For one thing the agenda of all the wars in the 20th century when examined carefully demonstrate a totally un-Western Civilization direction. What I mean is that the intervening course of events contradicts all the underlying philosophical ethical and moral dictums of our civilization. From the Boer war and the creation of concentration camps by the British, to the relentless bombing of the Balkans in the 90's, the brutality and un-Christian behavior clearly demonstrate the leadership of a foreign and un-Western influence. Furthermore the financing of all these wars in the 20th century can be demonstrated to have been accomplished by the same Zionist group. With this we can include the Russian revolution as well as the Nazis.

Firstly, they attempted to take over the legislative process and one must wonder at their crafty successes in that venue. The enactment of the income tax through the fallacious passing of the XVI th Amendment in 1913. The deceptive passing of the XIVth amendment which with the tenth rejection by Mississippi on 1/25/1867 could not have been passed as a 2/3rds majority was now impossible. The creation of the FRS (7) that has been dominated by Zionists from 1913 through today; the FRS which is not a reserve, not a system, but rather a private banking monopoly controlled by the very same people. The elimination of the original XIIIth amendment that was disposed of at the end of the war of Northern Aggression and which altered the status of lawyers prohibiting the status above other citizen's. While we see the Democrat party fielding a Zionist in the 2004 planned presidential elections (8) it is unlikely that Zionist will be successful in capturing the congress, i.e. legislative system with sufficient plurality to have total control.

In order to accomplish their goal they had to find another way. This was accomplished by a capture of the legal profession and the subsequent partial takeover of the judicial branch of government. The fact as to what social group the majority of lawyers belong to escapes no-one. The legal profession which had been restrained by the original XIIIth Amendment was free after its removal to begin the takeover. In addition the changes brought by the XIIth and XIVth Amendments altered the methods of election and particularly in the senate subjected senators to undue direct influence of the electorate. Previously senators were elected by majority of the state legislature thus insulating one of the bodies of legislative action from direct influence and thus offering senators greater freedom of choice. The result of this elimination was well demonstrated in the 90's as it makes impeachment of the president or justices of the court a veritable impossibility. It is of great interest to note that in the 1930's Germany saw its judicial system taken over by very similar means, and by the same elements, and all of us know what the outcome of that was.

The litigious nature of American society is in fact not American at all but is a Jewish trait. If we examine American society before the takeover of the judicial process by Zionists we see virtually no civil suites. It is after the turn of the twentieth century that civil suits began to expand and not until the 1960's, when the flood of 2nd generation East European Jews matriculated their law degrees and became active in legal practice, did the process literally explode. Today America can be proud of the fact that we graduate more lawyers than engineers and that the sum of civil suite in America is greater than the total combined civil suite actions of the entire rest of the world. Always remember that lawyers add nothing to the value of society they only consume its marrow. As Franklin said, "Send us your bluchers, bakers, carpenters, but for God's sake don't send any lawyers."

It is the observation of this author that America will not fall from external conflict, terrorism, or war, but from within. America will perish from a tyranny of foreign influence enacted within the framework of our own government. The abuse of power by the judicial branch of government can no longer be denied by anyone. This judicial branch works in collusion with the bureaucracy large numbers of whose management is pro Zionist or Zionist. As Madison said, "it is of great importance in a republic (and that is what America used to be) not only to guard the society against injusticeor the plan thereof." Jefferson was worried of the possibility of a legislative usurpation, but with the changes brought in constitutional law the greatest threat as we see is from the judicial branch. Not Jefferson, Madison or our first Supreme Court Chief Justice John Jay, or even De Tourqueville ever considered the possibility of such a judicial coup de tat.

In the latter half of the 20th century we saw the gradual imperial courts, flagrantly thwarting the will of the people. The separation of power of the constitution has been totally negated by judicial action. Judges began the practice of PRECEDENT (9). Through this procedure the judicial system in fact creates law, a process that the judiciary is strictly prohibited from engaging in by the Constitution. They have created what is called "Fluid Law"; law that is not as in a Republic anchored in a Constitution and Bill of Rights but law that can be interpreted at the whim of the judge reading it. In other words law ceased not to have any rational basis and is open for alteration within the norms of present society. Such a system is diabolical because the reader of the law is incapable of any rational understandings of the meaning of the law, it being open to interpretation by the judge. Since the citizen is incapable of reading the judges mind law becomes arbitrary and open to judicial and governmental abuse. Judges and prosecutors have for decades expanded this process so as to create a huge volume of STATUTE upon which they rely in reaching their decision on any particular issue. This is blatantly false because if a previous decision was wrong it is then compounded repeatedly. As was written beforehand and is evident in the Black's Law Dictionary explanation of statute it can only be made by legislature. This by the way is the exact procedure as used in the development of the Talmud. Laws that are fluid are in fact impossible for the reader to understand, its meanings are not held to be literal but rather in a state of flux; thus creating the ability of governmental or rabbinical abuse.

Some of the things judges have done in this venue are: Taking over an entire counties public school system and bankrupting it. (11) Reversing popular state referendums often with over 80% popular support, and not based on law but the judges interpretation of the law. (12) Found concepts in the Constitution that simply do not exist. (13) The latest in a long series of abuses thwarts the congress whereby Judge Edward Nottingham Denver CO (the moron) found that 50 million Americans the US senate and House of Representatives are wrong and we must all be harassed by stupid telemarketers as it according to Nottingham is their constitutional right to harass you. No wonder Nottingham has an unlisted telephone number. Will they impeach Nottingham-not likely, even though they have the power to do so.

America has deteriorated into a Democracy from the Republic our forefathers gave us. As Franklin (14) so aptly put it to the question asked of him at the close of the Continental Congress, "What have you brought forth Dr. Franklin?" "A Republic if you can keep it Sir" he replied. Sadly we lost it. As the Pope said, "A democracy without morals or ethics soon turns into a tyranny". That in fact is the process we are undergoing at the present time, perhaps empire would be a better description. Democracy is nothing but mob rule, and as Seneca (14) said, "A bad cause is confirmed by the applause of the mob" Thus like in the French Revolution a drastic change of the societal norms not only legalized mass murder but made it applicable to Democratic rule. The majority wished it, and it was made law.

Litmus tests for judges are the latest in a long line of operative means used to undermine republican virtue and rational governance. It is the action of the political left (16) which has brought this to the forefront. Any conservative or constitutionalist jurist is immediately dismissed as being unacceptable for judgeship. Again I admonish; the left found itself unsuccessful in attaining their desired goals, and thus took over the judiciary. It is hoped by the author that everyone understands that Zionists are to a man on the very furthest side of the political left. (17). It must also be clearly understood that Zionism is an agnostic or atheistic socio-political movement that hides itself behind Judaism in order to short-circuit any and all criticism. Thus actions unpopular with the general public and thus non-starters in the legislative realm are simply implemented by judicial mandate, utilizing the process of precedence or simply inventing law. An excellent example of this would be laws relating to pornography. It is an undisputable fact that over 90% of all pornographers, i.e. distributors, sellers, and producers of pornography are Zionists. (18) The Supreme Court found that right to produce sell and distribute pornography as a freedom of speech right under the first amendment of the constitution. If anyone actually believes this to have been the intent of the founders, then that person needs a lot of help.

The two most often utilized issues in the constitution exercised by the left are actually in the Bill of Rights, not the Constitution. They are found in the first amendment (19). Out of this has through the Supreme Court come the fallacious "Separation of Church and State" issue under which American society is being forced into secular humanism, a religion by defection of the very same Supreme Court. Please note; that the word separation not found in the amendment. Also note that the amendment speaks of the "establishment" of religion. The display of the Ten Commandments hardly establishers any religion, particularly as it is an accepted law by Muslim, Christian as well as Jewish peoples. Furthermore the Ten Commandments are the venue' under which the entire legal system of the Western Word functions. Neither does the display of a Menorah or Crèche or quarter moon establish any state religion. This amendment was paced in the Bill of Rights for the sole purpose of preventing the government from sponsoring and financially supporting any particular religion. To my knowledge no Christian Muslim or Jew has ever proposed that. Thus we see in this instance that the entire issue was developed as a red herring for the sole benefit of the "liberal establishment" and its implementation of their religion secular humanism. The second issue relates to freedom of speech. The expressed opinions of the Supreme Court on this issue are nothing less than stupid. They claim that pornography, homosexual practices, flag burning, and any number of perversions are in fact a freedom of speech issue. Again we see secular humanism as the propelling issue, and the continued attack on all religiously based morals and ethics.

Through these vacuous espoused prognostications the judiciary has spoiled American society, destroyed the fiber that holds it together, attacked the family unit, and show aggression to all monotheistic religions, including Judaism, which as I said from the beginning is not related to Zionism at all.

Zionist are like an evil predator; they hide behind an accepted and viable honorable religion in order to prevent retribution against themselves. Per example since the 1967 war in the Middle East, over one million Palestinians have been run out of their own country and prohibited from returning, while two million remaining Palestinian Arabs directly after the 1967 war and since 1994 indirectly have no civil rights, are not allowed to vote, are not allowed to have a nation, are not allowed to marry Jews, have seen their communities fractured and separated by illegal settlements, and their properties stolen or destroyed.

As of 2002, 300,000 Zionists live in Kibbutz (20) all on stolen from Palestinians occupied land. There are over 200 of these as of 2003, and they continue to be expanded by the Zionist state, they now account for about `15% of the total population in Palestine. Arabs are used in the same manner as the blacks were used in South Africa; to provide cheap un-unionized, and without benefits labor for the Zionist community. These Kibbutzes are heavily subsidized by the state, i.e. the American tax payer who gives Israel well over $ 20 billion annually in credits, and other benefits.

It is Jews that accept token funds, which organizations like the World Jewish Congress embezzle from the non-Jewish society, and by their actions protect the Zionists who are to blame for the so called anti-Semitic (21) circumstances now becoming so popular worldwide.

Between private and state sponsored (Israeli) actions to extort funds from any possible source including even WWII neutral parties (22) total funds from the time of the foundation of Israel in the 1940's thorough 2003 exceed $ one trillion.

One of the principal protagonists in this cabal is the American and British media. "Main Stream" media in both nations being totally controlled by either Zionists or Zionist agents. (23) In fact the largest owner of British media in the 90's was Robert Maxwell (24) who was mysteriously assassinated on his yacht in the Mediterranean and was a very prominent Zionist in London. The Protocols (25) are emphatic in asserting that media be totally in the hands of Zionists. That any discussion or even the mentioning of the Jewish issue is verboten is common knowledge. The dominant media will raise a cry of "never again", or "anti-Semitist", or else in some way or manner link the author with Nazism. No honest debate, not even a consideration of a discussion on this issue is permitted.

So bizarre is the situation that the author whose father died prematurely due to the Second World War service in the Swiss military opposing Germany has been called a Nazi by Jews who were born after the war was over and have no direct knowledge of the events that took place then. Neither should we overlook that some of the most potent opponents of Zionism are Jews. (26)

It must be understood that if you control the judicial branch of government, the media, all the organizations which develop policy and strategy, the bureaucracy, and most of the general staff of the military, you own it all.

The "Neo-Cons (27) consist almost exclusively of Zionists (28) and the Neo-Cons of today make the foreign policy of today and tomorrow.

1. Diaspora is the scattered Jewish communities located around the world.

2. The Word Rabbi simply means teacher, i.e. Teacher and interpreter of the Mishmash and the Talmud, the law and its interpretation of the Jewish religion.

3. Kahal is the word for a community within the Diaspora.

4. Herzel Theodore [1860 Hungarian Jew] President of the first Zionist conclave held in Basel Switzerland in 1886.

5. CFR Council on Foreign Relations NYC on 68th St. Manhattan, NY.

6. Foreign Affairs is the Quarterly CFR publication that at length spells out what is intended to happen in the immediate future.

7. FRS Federal Reserve System

8. Senator Joseph Lieberman is not a Jew he is a Zionist. He supports abortion on demand, a position not compatible with Orthodox Judaism.

9. Precedent is: an adjudicated case decision of a court of justice (i.e. the opinion of the judge and prosecutor, because the prosecutor decides which precedents will be recorded) considered as furnishing a example of authority (the authority of the presiding judge) for the adjudication of a same or similar case arising from similar questions of law. [Authors note: since the prosecutor and only the prosecutor decides which precedence is logged in the books almost all precedence is favorable to the court, and government]

10. Statute: An act of the LEGISLATURE declaring, or prohibiting something. - Not an act brought on by judges in miss-interpretation of a previous case and its application to a present case.

11. Kansas City MO.

12. CA, WA, CO.

13. Bussing, Affirmative Action, racial integration, the right to pornography, abortion, infanticide, among many others,

14. Benjamin Franklin

15. Roman philosopher and author from what is now Spain

16. The political left as typified by communist's socialists Zionists and atheists.

17. Every ever operating national communist party in the world has been lead by Zionists, from 1900 to the 60's. Leon Trotsky (Lev Bornstein, Zinoview (Hirsch Apfelbaum), Kamreov (Rosenfeld). Outside of Russia Aptecker, Goldman, Kun, Luxenbourg. Of the quasi cabinet of the USSR 1917 all 24 were Zionists, all had changed their names. The Soviet Central Committee in 1935 consisted of 56 Zionists and three Christians married to Zionists every one of them had changed their names to hide their Jewish ancestry.

18. Principal American pornography producers are: Braterman, Bone, Fischbein, Freiberg, Fine, Weinstein, Freelander, Holander, Gottesman, Hirsh, Apostein, Ornstein, Rothstein, Sturman, Tanner, Weston, one wonders if they have meetings at the Hollywood Synagogue?

19. The First Amendment to the American Constitution states:

Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion,

or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

or abridge the freedom of speech,

or the press, or the right of people peaceably to assemble, and petition the Government for redress of grievance.

1. Anti-Semitic is a popular slogan used today it is wrong. Semitic refers to a Branch of the Caucasoid race of which all Middle Easterners, Arab and Jew are members.

21) Kibbutz, a communist agrarian or industrial commune of Zionists.

1. Swiss Government and Swiss banks. Switzerland took in more Jews per capita in WWII than any nation in the world.

2. American Media: Michael Eisner (ABC, Disney, etc. over 100 media companies) Murray Rothstein (Summer Redstone) Viacom. Gerald Levine Time Warner, Edgar Bronfman (World Jewish Congress) Universal Seagram. Time, Newsweek, and US News and World Report are all Zionist owned and controlled. The NY Times, Washington Post, Herald Tribune, Wall St Journal, and the Newhouse group (26 newspapers, 12 TV stations, and 87 cable networks) are all Zionist.

3. Maxwell is widely accepted as having been a Mossad asset. He converted his employees pension funds to finance Israeli expansion of settlements in Palestine.

4. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. While all Jews will insist that The protocols are a fabrication of the Czars secret police, the author can

Only emphasize what Sir Winston Churchill and so many others have said on that issue:

Churchill: This movement of Jews is not new. From the Days of Spartacus Weisshaupt (a) to those of Karl Marx to Trotsky, Bella Kum, Rosa Luxenbourg, Emma Goldman, this is a world wide conspiracy"

Henry Klein (NT Lawyer and Zionist activist) "The United Nations is Zionism it is the Super Government mentioned in the Protocols."

The London Spectator. "If they are a forgery it is the historically most astounding forgery of history".

Lord Sydenham: (Aug, 27, 1921) "The Protocols explains in almost laborious detail the objects of bolshevism and the method for caring it into effect. Nothing written since 1865 can have any bearing upon the deadly accuracy of the forecast in the Protocols, most of which have been fulfilled to the letter."

a. Founder of Illumonism 1776 Bavaria Germany

1. Baruch Kimmerling, J.J. Goldberg, Seymour Hersh, Israel Shamir and the author of The Holocaust Industry, among others.

2. Neo Conservatives, actually Neo-Zionists.

3. Kristol, Krauthammer, Wolfowitz, Pele, Shulsky, Fleisher, Strauss, and numerous others, many of which holds dual nationality with Israel, yet serves in our government or work in the media but don't inform of their split allegiance.


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